New Podiatrist working out of Lion Court Podiatry.
When Mary said I should put together a profile to introduce myself to prospective new clients it sounded quite straightforward. However I have just notched up my 50th birthday so I have quite a bit to tell you
I was born and raised in Cornwall and on leaving school I trained to become a Registered General Nurse (RGN) and worked for a short time in paediatrics. It wasn’t long before I decided to take the plunge and extend my training gaining a place at The Nightingale Institute part of Guy’s Hospital to become a Registered Mental Nurse (RMN). For the last 23 years I have worked in speciality teams mainly Eating Disorders, CAMHS and Dementia care across the West Midlands and South West. In 2008 my husband and I made Herefordshire our home and we think it is the bees’ knees!


In 2014 I decided that it was about time I followed a long held ambition and was fortunate to be offered a place at Cardiff Metropolitan University to study Podiatry fulltime for 3 years. I had long understood the importance of foot-care and wanted to be part of the pro-active workforce that kept people independent, active and living well.
As a podiatry student my nursing background gave me a distinct advantage in some areas especially when it came to the clinical setting when we were able to practice or skills on real living & breathing patients; however nothing prepared me for the depth of knowledge we had to grapple with or the amount of coursework to submit. I bought or borrowed countless books, pored over them and I took every opportunity to attend any additional courses and conferences to support and enhance my studies which would better prepare me for being qualified. The areas of podiatry that I am most interested in include diabetes, wounds and paediatric podiatry.
I graduated at Cardiff Millennium Centre on July 13
th 2017 with a First Class Honours Degree in Podiatry. All that hard work paid off and 3 years of assignment deadlines and vivas has now ended and I am proud to be providing podiatric care to my local community.
I am married with dogs and hens and when I am not being a podiatrist or a nurse I enjoy reading, listening to the radio, going to the cinema, preserve making, spending time with friends & family, walking, gardening and kayaking.
I look forward to meeting you.