Foot orthoses help us treat and prevent foot, ankle and leg pain. There are many reasons and causes of pain so we perform gait analysis and biomechanical examinations to gain an accurate diagnosis and an understanding of your pain and underlying cause. Clinical tests and diagnostic tools help us to reach a diagnosis. When the cause of the problem has been identified we can devise a treatment plan and interventions to address your problem.
Orthoses are specially designed insoles that change the way your foot moves and works by redirecting ‘abnormal’ forces throughout gait .
Following a diagnosis we can discuss your individual needs for orthoses and these may be Custom made to measure orthoses, whereby a Laser Scan is taken of your feet. This is a 3D light and laser system which creates and accurate 3D model of the plantar surface of your feet, it is fast and accurate.
You may be prescribed off-the-shelf orthotics, which may be functional or accommodative depending on need.
As we are all individuals we all need individual tailoring of our orthoses, and this will be discussed at the time of your assessment. The choice will always be yours along with valuable information from your clinician to enable you to make the decision.
We will review you at, usually, six weeks and at six months to check fitting and function. The orthoses may need some adjustment depending on changes in foot and leg function.