A full assessment will be undertaken and a first appointment will usually last 45 mins, subsequent visits will last for 30 minutes.
Please bring along/wear your most frequently worn footwear. If you play sports bring your sports shoes too.
We will first take a detailed history of your condition together with any relevant past medical history. Please bring a list of your medication.
A physical assessment will then be undertaken to determine the clinical diagnosis of your problem. 
Please could you remove nail varnish prior to your visit.

Please bring along with you, (or wear) shorts and your most frequently worn footwear. If you play sports bring your sports shoes too.
Your lower limb and feet will be assessed and you will be asked to walk on a treadmill/floor it may be videoed and a gait analysis performed. .
Muscle length and strength will be tested.
I will explain the findings of the assessment.
Treatment may involve the following: strengthening exercises, footwear advice, strapping, insoles / foot orthoses.

An assessment of the nail(s) will be made and an appointment for surgery arranged.


In our practice we

• Communicate with patients in a friendly and courteous manner
• Make sure Patients receive full information about their treatment and its cost
• Provide treatment out of normal hours if necessary
• Refer Patients for further professional advice and treatment where appropriate

n our practice we will

• Manage appointments
• Remind patients of their appointments by text if requested and if mobile phone number is available
• Provide as much notice as possible if appointments need to be changed
• Advise Patients if there is a change of Podiatrist

In return, we would like you to

• Arrive on time for your appointment
• Give at least 24 hours notice, if you are unable to keep your appointment. We may charge for missed appointments if we have not been notified. If you miss an appointment on more than one occasion without letting us know, we may review further provision of appointments for you at this practice.
• Advise of change of contact details (address, phone numbers, email) so our records can be updated.

Missed appointments and short notice cancellations

We do not charge for altering appointments as long as we receive a minimum of 24 hours notice. This allows us to offer an appointment to another patient.
However, if the appointment is missed or short notice is given, we may have to charge a nominal £10 fee. This is not a punishment for missing appointments, but it does go towards running costs of the clinic and the wasted time of the Clinician.

LION COURT PODIATRY 3rd January 2017